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Pancake Perfection

The ultimate way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday this year. Made with tangy buttermilk and vanilla for an elevated version of your favourite breakfast food. All topped off with crispy maple bacon for the ideal indulgent finishing touch.

Perfect for the whole family, try with fresh fruit instead of bacon for something a little lighter.



In a large bowl add your sugar and salt and sieve in your flour, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder to prevent any lumps. Stir together until everything is evenly distributed.

In a separate bowl whisk your eggs then add in your buttermilk and vanilla extract. Add in your melted butter making sure it’s not to hot. Combine until fully together.

Pour your wet ingredients into your dry ingredient bowl and using a wooden spoon or rubber spatula gently mix until just combined. Make sure not to overmix or you will loose the fluffiness in your pancakes.

Preheat your grill for the bacon. (You’ll want to cook the bacon and pancakes at the same time) Lay your bacon in a flat and even layer, using a pastry brush or something similar, generous brush on a even layer of maple syrup all over. Grill until crispy then flip and repeat the process.

Heat up a frying pan to a medium heat and adding some olive oil, if using a pan larger than your hob top, make sure you’re aware of where the hot spot is. Use a soup ladle for you batter for the easiest and mess free option.

Add your batter to the pan and let them cook undisturbed until the edges are almost ready and the pancake has started to bubble all over. Flip them once, make sure not to constantly move them. You want them golden brown all over.

Cook the rest of the batter like this, making sure to add more oil as you need. If you put your oven at a low temperature you can keep them warm in there, otherwise simply stack them on a plate, covering with a tea towel to keep the heat in.

Serve in a stack with a knob of butter, your crispy maple bacon on top and a generous splash of maple syrup.

Serves 2- 4