Ardo Cranberries (1kg)


Wonderful for smoothies and coulis.

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The earth provides an abundance of precious nutrients, such as these Ardo Frozen Cranberries. In addition this is why they are constantly looking at ways to protect and preserve these opportunities for future generations.

The mission is to preserve nature’s gifts as much as possible and to turn them into delicious end products.

Place the frozen fruit onto a serving dish and defrost at room temperature.



Ardo is a food company who specialise in fresh frozen fruit and vegetables. They are constantly looking for new ways to protect and preserve the abundance of nutrients from the earth. In addition, they strive to maintain a delicious quality product as well as to lead in their market with global sustainability.

At Gates Farm Shop we stock a selection of their products for your convenience. With both fruit and vegetables, these make excellent substitute for produce out of season or unavailable in your area.