Artisan Grains Greenwheat Freekah (200g)


This Artisan Grains Greenwheat Freekah is a great alternative to rice, couscous or bulgur wheat.


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Artisan Grains Greenwheat Freekah is a clever little grain that can help create many quick meal solutions.

This Greenwheat Freekah is highly nutritious lightly toasted and cracked grains made from young green wheat, harvested at their nutritional peak. It’s versatile and deliciously satisfying with a delicate smoky and nutty flavour makes it perfect for pilafs, side dishes and soups and it packs a nutritional punch. A superior quality product of Australian origin with unrivalled consistency due to a patented process, it has 4 times more fibre than brown rice and is high in protein for healthy digestion.

Suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians and is 100% natural and free from all chemicals, additives, preservatives, pesticides and pesticide residues.


Artisan Grains

Alara was developed in 2012 by Sam Jacobi and create natural food products. Additionally, they have 18 different health ingredient products as well as meal solutions and snacks.

We have three of their ambient nut roast mixes, including their Gluten Free variety. Furthermore, in 2013 they launched vegan nut roasts, which later become a great seller in the meat replacement market.

At Gates Farm Shop we stock a range of their products for all your healthy meal needs.


Cracked Roasted Green Wheat.