Billington’s Amber Maple Syrup (260g)


This Billington’s Amber Maple Syrup is an indulgent natural sweet treat.

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Billington’s Amber Maple Syrup has exceedingly delicious buttery caramel notes.

The maple syrup in this bottle comes from just one farm in Canada, tended by a small team who nurture the trees and are passionate about bottling only the very best maple syrup. Because of this, there may be some natural variation in its colour.

Furthermore, this is perfect for drizzling or topping pancakes, French toast or a variety of things.

Suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.



Billington's is a natural cane sugar company who began importing sugars of the highest quality in 1977. This was Mauritian unrefined brown sugar which they're famous for today. Furthermore, they have been part of The Silver Spoon Company since 2004. Billington's core values are to have integrity and fair trading as well as quality values and products. Stopping the sugar process in time is key and this is what helps create many different types, flavours and colours of sugar. At Gates Farm Shop, we stock a range of their products which are great for baking, drinks and general everyday use. We hold many of their sugars including their barista crystals and molasses. Furthermore, we currently have their mouth watering maple syrups. They are sure to bring your breakfast pancakes to a whole new level of tasty.


Maple Syrup.