Blue Aurora English Blueberry Wine – Ice Wine (37.5cl)


A sweet blueberry wine which is ideal to enjoy after dinner with a cheeseboard.

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This Blue Aurora English Blueberry Wine in Ice Wine is an sweet blueberry fruit wine. This is made with purely and simply with 100% English blueberries which are hand picked from Lutton Farm in Northamptonshire.

The blueberries are frozen then pressed and fermented before bottling to create this beautifully sweet ice wine. Coming in at 10.5% Vol with a nose of dark berries and red fruit with a delicate hint of candied violet and rose petal. This is velvety smooth and devilishly pure with ripe berry notes reminiscent of kirsch or blueberry jam. All finished with a refreshing acidity to lift the sweet finish.

Serve lightly chilled after dinner with cheese, chocolate desserts or top of a glass of champagne with splash.

Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten Free.


Blue Aurora

Blue Aurora is an English Blueberry Wine company with 3 different wines currently available as well as a Long Brothers Co Ferment Cider. Made purely and simply with 100% English blueberries which are hand picked from Lutton Farm in Northamptonshire. The process is to press and ferment the blueberries to create this mouthwatering range of wines. The story began as a family run farm which once homed livestock and arable farming just outside the picturesque town of Oundle. They have since become a thriving commercial soft fruit farm with 45 hectare dedicated to growing blueberries. The process produces between 15 – 20% “waste” which is made up of fruit that is slightly too soft or small for supermarkets, this is where the wine adventure was born. An idea that began with solid farming principles and the need to reduce food wastage has snowballed into saving 28 tonnes of blueberries from getting wasted in 2019 alone. As commercial fruit growers they are particularly aware of the pressure farming can have on the environment and have decided to do something about it. Not only do they respect the land and surrounding environment but balance their activities with the creation of protection for key conservation areas such as beetle banks and uncultivated lands amongst other areas. Making use of every single blueberry grown on their farm, we are proud to sell these British blueberry wines. Truly unique and exciting, these are perfect for wine drinkers looking to try something new with a different bottle for every occasion.