Bumble Wrap Natural Beeswax Assorted Wraps (Pack of 3)


These Bumble Wrap Natural Beeswax Assorted Wraps are washable, reusable and biodegradable.

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Bumble Wrap Natural Beeswax Assorted Wraps are a great starter pack giving you loads of wrapping possibilities.

Discover life the Bumble Wrap way with these reusable, Natural Beeswax Assorted Wraps. Handmade using 100% cotton, local beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin in Yorkshire and are an ideal way to reduce single use plastic in your kitchen, instead of using cling film.

The wraps are cotton coated in beeswax. Adding the oils to the cotton creates a washable breathable fabric which keeps food fresher for longer. It is flexible and slightly adhesive so it can easily be shaped around food and bowls or folded into packages to store food in the fridge, freezer or at room temperature and can be reused over and over again and are washable in cold water and reusable up to one year.

Each pack contains 3 beeswax wraps of the Bee design :

The 40cm will cover most mixing/salad bowls. Or wrap a small loaf of bread.

The 30cm will wrap sandwiches, a large chunk of cheddar or wrap your vegetables.

The 20cm covers smaller bowls, keeps half a lemon fresh or fits nicely onto the end of a cucumber.


Beeswax, Cotton Fabric, Jojoba oil And Tree Resin.