Cawston Press Apple & Rhubarb Juice (1 Litre)


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Cawston Press Apple & Rhubarb Juice is made from simple ingredients and only contains sweet pressed apple juice, tart rhubarb juice and a little Vitamin C. The balance of flavours is just right – not too tart and not too sweet – and there’s a lovely tang to the flavour so it’s perfectly refreshing.

Perfect over ice or with a little lemonade mixed in for a sparkling soft drink, of course this fragrant juice wants to be thrown into cocktails too.

Although this juice contains no nasty additives, it’s a longlife product so the 1-litre cartons will last for many months in your store cupboard. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants the summery taste of rhubarb in the autumn or winter.

No added sugar, no sweeteners, colourings or preservatives.




Cawston Press

Cawston Press started out with a lot of apple tress 30 years ago, and have been pressing fruit ever since. Furthermore, they use Mother Nature as their head chef who provides delicious fruits and flavours for them to press. In addition, they creates flavours and smells inspired by summers past. Cawston Press is packed full of good ingredients with no added sugars or shortcuts.


Pressed apple juice (90%), pressed rhubarb juice (9.9%), natural flavouring, antioxidant: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).