Crosta & Mollica Black Peppercorn Bolli (120g)


These extraordinary nibbles are the perfect aperitivo snacks for al fresco picnics, suppertime celebrations and get-togethers big and small.

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These 120g Crosta & Mollica Black Peppercorn Bolli are currently the most popular snack in Italy.

Their name comes from francobolli because their square shape and wavy edges make them resemble postage stamps. Made to a traditional recipe in Northern Italy, these crisp baked wheat & potato crackers are thin and light. Made using wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and spicy crushed black peppercorns, making them the tastiest snack for your aperitivo.

These delicious Crackers go perfectly with soft cheeses and dips or as an accompaniment to drinks.

Suitable for both Vegans & Vegetarians.


Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica translated from Italian means Crust & Crumb. In addition, the company has a desire to make great Italian food that brings family and friends together. Their journey all began when the founder was working with a company which required him driving through the Italian countryside. Furthermore, this encouraged him to try all the delicious food from farmers and their families. It didn’t take him long to fall in the with the flavours and in particular, the huge variety of regional breads. Crosta & Mollica are dedicated to helping you discover the best bakery and artisan products Italy has to offer. In addition, they are all made to traditional recipes with simple ingredients and natural flavours.


Wheat Flour (45%), Dried Potato (25%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (7.7%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Maize Flour, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Salt, Cracked Black Pepper (1%), Malted Barley, Raising Agent: Ammonium Bicarbonate.


Wheat, Milk and Barley.