Diforti Prosciutto Crudo (100g)


The perfect finishing touch to your weekend platter with other sliced charcuterie, cheeses and antipasti.

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Only the finest of Italian pork is used in the production of the Diforti Prosciutto Crudo. Initially salted and matured for 2 months, the meat is then hung out to dry for up to 12 months, which is where it gets its delicious saltiness and nutty sweetness.

It will be the star of all your antipasti platters and pairs perfectly with fresh, creamy mozzarella and moreish garlic infused olives. For an authentic Italian recipe, drape pieces of the prosciutto over slices of succulent melon and enjoy on a hot summers day alongside a glass of crisp white wine or an Aperol spritz.

Suitable for those with a Gluten Free diet.



Diforti was born in 1875 in the tiny village of Caltanissetta, Sicily. Originally, Michele Diforti began collection olives from local farms and selling them. Founded on the Italian principles of flavourful cuisine and Mediterranean passion as well as the excitement to share with others. Furthermore, through travel, talking and experimenting in their kitchen, they've discovered unique foods to share with their customers.

At Gates Farm Shop, we sell a selection of their chilled products which are great for antipasti boards and nibbles. Additionally, we have their mini filled pastries and sweet treats.

Full of Italian flavour and fresh and tasty ingredients, Diforti bring products that excite.


Pork, Salt, Natural Flavours, E252, E250.