Don Gastronom Pheasant & Truffle Pâté (100g)


Don Gastronom Pheasant & Truffle Pâté  is an irresistible and exquisite gourmet experience.

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Don Gastronom Pheasant & Truffle Pâté is rich and elegant.

This Pheasant & truffle Pâté is elaborated with pheasant pieces of excellent quality and expertly blended with extra virgin oil. Besides, it is completed with another of the star ingredients of gourmet cuisine, the truffle, so it generates a delicious taste in the mouth.

Makes a wonderful exclusive addition to any antipasto platter or tapenades and also perfect to spread on crusty bread or served as snack. It will go well with all kinds of cheeses, young and mature.


Pheasant, Pheasant Broth (Pheasant, Water, Bird Liver, Wine & Spices), Bird Liver, Onion, Ham Bacon, Olive Oil, Mushroom, Sherry Wine, Salt, Dehydrated Egg, Pea Fiber, Caseinate, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cornstarch, Spices, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Truffle, Stabilizer E579, Emulsifier: E412, E4501, E45111, E4521. Preservative: E200, E26211. Antioxidant: E301, E3311 & E325.


Egg, Caseinate, Milk & Wheat.