Ecozone Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner (750ml)


Make your toilet sparkle.

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Ecozone Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner will keep your loo sparkling and your conscience clean.

This Ecozone Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner is a new gel formula that is now 3 x thicker, with a new fresh ocean breeze smelling fragrance, your toilet will stay fresh and look sparkling. Bleach-free, non-toxic cleaner with plant-based ingredients to help you clean and sanitise your toilet bowl. This septic tank safe and eco-friendly product has a super thick nondrip gel consistency that will cling to the toilet bowl from the rim to the water level, to ensure a deep clean with every use.

Simply squirt the gel from the bottle as normal, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes (longer for tough to remove watermarks), scrub with a brush from top to bottom and then flush. The gel actively works to penetrate and lift limescale build-up and staining, while sanitising and removing bacteria and germs.

Is free from animal testing, artificial preservatives and dyes among other things.



Ecozone consist of a cleaning product company which remains family run. They are also entirely cruelty free and vegan friendly. Started out 20 years ago to create a line of items with no nasty ingredients or compromises. In addition everything has been made with plant based and natural ingredients. Ecozone have set out to produce powerful home cleaning and maintenance solutions with clean and honest formulas. At Gates Farm Shop, we stock a choice of their products to help make your house clean without a lasting effect on the earth. Help protect your family against harmful bacteria with quality and natural products.


5% Non-ionic surfactants. Also contains Fragrance, Benzisothiazolinone.