Edinburgh Preserves Red Admiral Dry Gin (50cl)


Made in small batches on the edge of Edinburgh with a 43% Vol.

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Edinburgh Preserves Red Admiral Dry Gin is a modern yet classic London dry gin made in small batches in the farmlands on the edge of Edinburgh with a 43% Vol. With juniper and citrus notes, it has a balanced yet complex flavour that is great with tonic, on its own or in a classic cocktail.

Making something special is often about keeping things simple, taking your time and using the best elements. With just 9 botanicals, they use the best sourced ingredients such as Macedonian Junipers for the classic dry gin character, ground-ivy from the mint family for the herbal notes and coriander seeds for the citrus and spice finish.

During the distillation process they separate the different tastes into heads, hearts and tails. The hearts are the very best of the run which is used to make the gin, they discard the heads and tails. All combined, you end up with a very smooth, citrusy and luxurious taste. On each bottle, they add a small sachet of wildflower seeds to encourage the activity of butterflies, bees and other pollinators.