Fisselier Noix de Coco Crème de Liqueur


Smooth creamy flavours combine with coconut to create a delicious after dinner treat.

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Fisselier Noix de Coco Crème de Liqueur is a coconut cream liqueur with 3 sizes available 5cl, 20cl or 50cl. Subtle flavours combine with the smoothness of cream. Ideal to enjoy over crushed ice after a meal or serve with coffee and petites fours. Delicate and elegant, this liqueur will enhance your desserts and ice cream. Handcrafted to create the perfect balance of smooth texture and great taste with a 17% Vol.

This legendary house has been producing fine liquors since 1968 and has revolutionized the standards of good taste. Founded in the spirit of excellence, the Fisselier family have worked hard to mould, create and pair the best flavours in order to achieve the ideal taste for each liquor. Available in:

  • 5cl / 50ml
  • 20cl / 200ml
  • 50cl / 500ml