Gates BBQ Boxes – Locally Brewed Beers


Try a selection of beers from local breweries which are so good, you won’t be able to look back.

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This Gates BBQ Boxes is filled with Locally Brewed Beers from two breweries located a few miles down the road in Oakham and Melton Mowbray. The Grainstore Brewery are a well established local brewery which has been selling the cult favourites in bottles for many years. Also included in the Box is Round Corner Brewing which is located in the iconic cattle market.

The Grainstore Brewery opened it’s doors in September 1995 and today is recognized as one of the best brew pubs in Britain. All the beers are brewed on premises, just by the local train station, where you can visit for a brewery tour or to try even more of their delicious beers. The three beers included are all 500ml and range from 4% to 5% Vol.

To start with Rutland Osprey is included which is 4% Vol and a refreshing light golden brew with a complex and mellow flavour profile followed by a floral nose and smooth bitterness. Originally a special edition but it was so popular they made it a permanent feature both in store and in their bottled beer selection. The next is Gold, the summer brew at 4.5% Vol and a fabulous golden colour and complex malt sweetness. Perfectly balanced against a subtle floral aroma and smooth bitterness which the perfect pairing for those hot summer days. Lastly from The Grainstore Brewery is one of their most popular and well know brews, Ten Fifty which is a full strength mahogany ale at 5% Vol. This is due to the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness and aroma against a natural malty sweetness. This is a very easy ale to drink and a great introduction to local brewers.

Next up is Round Corner Brewery in the iconic Cattle Market in Melton Mowbray. They make beer of unmistakable character, brewed with patience, finesse and no rough edges.

With four different beers included from Round Corner, all with vibrant and bold designs and 4.3% to 5.3% Vol. Fuggling Helles Larger is brewed with English noble hop with a light aroma for a moreish real Helles style larger which comes in at 5.3% Vol. Gunmetal black is a gold medal winner at the International Beer Awards 2019 with a 4.8% Vol and delicate aromas of toasty and smooth biscuit malt. This is a beautiful looking beer with a dark brown colour and a crema like foam which is simply delicious to taste. This box is finished off with Drovers IPA and Mainland Pilsner which are both golden and delicious beers with the IPA having lots of citrus notes and a 4.3% Vol whilst the Pilsner has a long, soft bitterness combined with winey fruitiness at 5.2% Vol.

The perfect way to try out some local breweries you may not have heard of or a great way to enjoy some beers you may not have tried yet. This has a wonderful combination of light and dark lagers as well as a variety of different ales so there’s something for everyone.

Gates BBQ Boxes are the perfect partner for summertime fun and this is no different, bring out the flavours of juicy steaks and beefy burgers with hoppy beers or simply enjoy as something new. This can also be a delightful gift for someone special to enjoy and can be sent nationwide for those who don’t live locally.

Included in the box

  • The Grainstore Brewery Rutland Osprey – 500ml
  • The Grainstore Brewery Gold – 500ml
  • The Grainstore Brewery Ten Fifty – 500ml
  • Round Corner Fuggling Helles Larger – 330ml
  • Round Corner Gunmetal Black Lager – 330ml
  • Round Corner Mainland New Zealand Pilsner – 330ml
  • Round Corner Drovers Hazy Session IPA – 330ml


The Grainstore Brewery

The Grainstore Brewery was founded in 1955 by two friends, Tony Davis and Mike Davies. The two set to work to create an amazing product with a fantastic pub in the local town. Bottled and wholesale came later in the process.

With the years of experience that they both had, they've created unmistakeable products that you won't get anywhere else.

They brew a large variety of ales as well as a range of still and sparkling ciders.

Try this local brewery and you won't look back, we stock a range of ales for every taste buds. Smooth and dark to strong and bitter, The Grainstore Brewery have got you covered.

In addition, their ciders are perfect when served ice cold, pink lady for a hot day or a traditional cider will never hit you wrong.