Epicure Asparagus Spears (425g)


A great way to eat seasonal veg when it’s not in season.

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Epicure Asparagus Spears have been carefully prepared and made easy and long lasting for you. Perfect topping on pizzas, mixed up in a fresh, crispy salad or in omelettes.

These work wonderfully in a delicious homemade quiche, asparagus isn’t always available but with this you can have it all year round, whenever you want it.

Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians & Gluten Free.



Epicure are all about the passion for food, cooking and creativity in the kitchen. Furthermore, they have a large variety of products from fantastic fruit, vegetables and purees' to dessert products.

At Gates Farm Shop, we stock lots of their delicious yet convenient tinned fruit and vegetables. Additionally, we have several of their other products such as tinned fish as well as pasta sauces all the way to golden marzipan.

With many creative and mouth watering recipes on their website for you to follow along with or simply get creative by yourself. These tins are a life saver in the kitchen when you can't find certain fresh produce but still want good quality.

Once you've tried Epicure, you won't be able to live without it.


Asparagus, Water, Salt.