Hilltop Honey Organic Acacia Honey (370g)


This Hilltop Honey Organic Acacia Honey is delightfully light in colour with a mild flavour.

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Hilltop Honey Organic Acacia Honey is the perfect honey for breakfast.

This Organic Acacia Honey is harvested from Acacia trees in Organic certificated lands in Europe. The honey is a very mild and pleasant with a soft and light taste of creamy vanilla and a hint of floral blossoms. It has one of the lightest tastes in the world of honey.

Perfect for mixing with beverages because it sweetens without changing the taste of the drink and is also an excellent choice for cooking because of its mild flavour.

Brilliantly packaged in an easy squeezy bottle, perfect to serve up a delightful drizzle in one light squeeze.

Suitable for Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.


Acacia Honey.