Home Farm Hoi Sin Sauce (280g)


This Home Farm Hoi Sin Sauce is a classic accompaniment to crispy duck.

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Home Farm Hoi Sin Sauce is a rich Chinese barbecue style sauce that’s as good for stir-frying, as it is for marinating.

This ready-made Hoi Sin Sauce is an intensely flavoured Asian style sauce thats packed with aromatic sweet and savoury flavours and made from a blend of soy based ingredients with array of spices including plums and garlic.

Hand-made by a small family run business in Banbury, Oxfordshire, so you can be rest assured that its quality and doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients. You’ll be serving up a tasty dish in no time.

 It is the secret sauce for a perfect crispy aromatic duck, great for marinating ribs and many other classic or fusion dishes.


Home Farm

Home Farms are a specialty, handmade cooking sauce company with over 30 years of experience. This family run company has a product for every occasion and helps to make your life a little less stressful.

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