Home Farm Yorkshire Pudding Mix (165g)


This Home Farm Yorkshire Pudding Mix will help create the crowning glory to your Sunday roast.

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Home Farm Yorkshire Pudding Mix will help you bake gloriously golden Yorkshire Puddings everytime.

This Yorkshire Pudding Mix will easily make great Yorkshires the family deserve, with just 1 egg and water. There’s nothing better than watching these rise until they’re perfectly golden and crispy. Just make sure the oil in your tray is hot before pouring the batter, for the very best Yorkshires that will impress without fail.


Home Farm

Home Farms are a specialty, handmade cooking sauce company with over 30 years of experience. This family run company has a product for every occasion and helps to make your life a little less stressful.

At Gates Farm Shop we stock a wide selection of Home Farm's different cook-in sauces. This is as well as pre made gravies, powdered sauces and condiments.

Furthermore, it's not all savoury as we carry a selection Home Farms sweet spreads. Mouth watering honey's, tangy marmalade and various other products.


Wheat flour, Dried Skimmmed Milk, Died whole egg powder, salt.


Wheat, Milk & Egg.