Innocent Almond Milk (750ml)

Innocent Almond Milk (750ml)


Delicious and creamy.

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Innocent Almond Milk consists of a wonderful dairy free alternative milk made with only 4 ingredients. In addition, this adds a perfect amount of nuttiness to cereals and drinks as well as baked goods.

Furthermore, this is a great source of Vitamin E and helps you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.



Innocent is a drinks company who specialise in juice as well as smoothies. At Gates Farm Shop we stock a selection of to go drinks and larger sharing sizes.Started in 1999 by selling smoothies at music festivals and grown to what the well known brand they are today. All healthy, natural and delicious drinks in order to help people live longer and die old. Delicious and packed full of 100% fruit in each smoothie bottle, each product is ideal as part of your everyday diet.A brand new selection of dairy free alternative milks now available in store and online for local delivery.


Almonds, Plant Fibre From Citrus, Spring Water, Sea Salt.