Jean Paul Deville Champagne Cuvée Selection Magnum (1.5L)


An extravagant centre piece for your next party.

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Jean Paul Deville Champagne Cuvée Selection Magnum is the perfect party companion as the large size is perfect for sharing.

This delicious Champagne is made predominantly from Grand Cru Pinot Noir grapes and comes in at 12% ABV. With a mineral forward bouquet which has been accentuated by red berry notes as well as a delicate toasty hint. This is all combined with a light yet generous taste of citrus with ripe and juicy red berry flavours following close behind. This fantastic vintage is well worth the investment with excellent value for money.

Everything is tied together with the delicate daffodil colour and effervescent finish, this is one for the real Champagne lovers.

A real showstopper for when you have guests round or a delightful gift for someone special.