Leigh’s Bees Lime Tree Honey (454g)


This Leigh’s Bees Lime Tree Honey is one of the best, a unique taste, fragrant and spiced.

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Leigh’s Bees Lime Tree Honey has a rich aroma and a multi-layered taste.

This Delightful Lime Tree Honey is made by Leigh’s bees foraging on the nectar of lime-tree blossoms and other flowers from the surrounding countryside. The honey is yellow to light brown in colour and has a heady floral aroma strongly reminiscent of linden blossoms, making us think of springtime picnics surrounded by flowers. It has a sweet taste with menthol, woody notes and a slight persistent bitter aftertaste.

Leigh’s Bees know the origin of each and every jar of honey, all of which are unblended because they believe that the bees know best. In this way the honeys retain their own unique taste.

Suitable for Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.