Longley Farm Soured Cream (150g)


Wonderful for cooking or adding on top of spicy foods.

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Longley Farm Soured Cream is made with pasteurised cows’ milk, a natural live product. Can be used in a variety of baked goods or ass an alternative for other creams in recipes for a slightly more tangy finish.

Suitable for Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.




Longley Farm

Longley Farm consists of a food company who specialise in British, quality assured dairy produce. With over half a century of experience and vast knowledge of the field as well as a world renowned reputation. All the products are made up of natural goodness and high quality. The best milk makes great dairy products, combined with one of the leading Jersey herds in Europe. At Gates Farm Shop, we stock a selection of their products including creamy cheeses and also fresh creams included a fat free range. Enjoyed in Yorkshire and all around the word for prime quality dairy.


British Milk.