Mr Organic Borlotti Beans (400g)


These Organic Borlotti Beans are high protein, high fibre and low in fat.

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Mr Organic Borlotti Beans are delicious as a simple side dish with some enhancing herbs and spices or mixed with some spinach and tomato to top a bruschetta.

These Borlotti Beans work wonderfully stewed with a blend of herbs and spices, tomato and various other fresh vegetables for a delicious and nutritious, vegan friendly weeknight meal and not only that these cheerful little superstar’s work hard for you – balancing your energy levels, controlling your appetite too.

Suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.


Mr Organic

Mr Organic is a company with a positive outlook and a smile on their faces. The company builds long lasting relationships with farmers to make more ethical and fair choices. In addition, they craft their recipes using only wholesome ingredients. In turn, this creates an entirely vegan friendly range which is full of yummy naked goodness.

Furthermore, they're passionate about the environment and make their food with those values in mind.

At Gates Farm Shop, we stock a large variety of different beans and tomatoes as well as delicious pasta sauces and alternative rice's. This isn't only tasty and good for you, it's also making a positive change in the way people eat.


Organic Borlotti Beans & Water.