Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crackers Spelt & Fig (100g)


These Sourdough Crackers are perfect as canapes or as a biscuit for blue cheese.

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100g Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crackers Spelt & Fig are simply the world’s greatest biscuits for cheese.

These Spelt & Fig Sourdough Crackers are made using an authentic Swedish recipe with simple, natural ingredients including organic spelt flour, organic fresh milk, dried fig pieces and Peter’s Yard precious sourdough, which is allowed to ferment for 16 hours before each batch is made. Then the dough is rolled until it is delicate and thin, dusted with rye flour and gently baked for a dappled, crisp and slightly wobbly cracker.

Top them with anything from smoked salmon & cream cheese to cured meats & boiled eggs and be sure to savour the crunch.

Suitable for Vegetarians.


Peter's Yard

Peters Yard consists of a sourdough crisp company which comes from small beginnings. Soon they started to gain recognition from top chefs and have also won numerous awards. They additionally produce a variety of crisp breads, most notably are the large ones each with a hole in the centre. This is in order for them to be in keeping with Scandi traditions.

They are made up of delicious, wholesome bread with a crisp, cracker like texture for snapping and sharing. In addition, these have been made with traditional baking methods and slower, more rewarding sourdough techniques.


Spelt Flour 79%, Milk, Fig Pieces 12%, Sourdough (Rye Flour, Water), Honey, Sea Salt, Yeast.


Wheat, Rye and Milk.

May Contain Nuts.