Rendles Pork Pate with Cognac (180g)


This Pork Pate with Cognac adds a rustic touch to any cheeseboard and pairs perfectly with mature British Cheeses.

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Rendles Pork Pate with Cognac is a coarse cut blend of pork meat and liver, richly infused with Cognac.

This Pork Pate With Cognac is rich and a distinctively flavoured coarse pâté finished with a touch of Cognac to give added warmth and complexity, that will delight those who love the rich and smooth taste of cognac.

Perfect for an elegant aperitif with friends or family, enjoy fine dining serving this pâté with sliced toasted bread or a crusty fresh baguette. Ideal for dinner parties or special suppers.

Suitable for those on a Gluten Free diet.


Pork Jowl (54.5%), Pork Liver (33.5%), Milk, Eggs, Salt, Cognac ().8%), Spices, Natural Flavourings.


Milk and Eggs.