A deliciously tart stalk which is wonderful in a pie or crumble.

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Rhubarb is a vegetable that’s related to sorrel and dock, however it’s treated more as a fruit. The thick, fleshy stalks grow in two crops, the first forced rhubarb is tender and comes early in the year with a watermelon pink colour and a more delicate flavour. The second maincrop arrives in spring and the stalks are deeper red with tinges of green with a more intense flavour and robust texture.

Rhubarb can be eaten raw but for many the flavour is too tart. Poach or stew it off with plenty of sugar and add other fresh flavours like ginger and strawberry. Rhubarb can also be enjoyed with savoury foods as the tart taste stands up to fatty meats such as duck and pork.

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500g, 1kg