The Grainstore Brewery Rutland Osprey Mini Keg (5 Litre)
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The Grainstore Brewery Rutland Osprey Mini Keg (5 Litre)


A delightful light straw coloured ale with a zesty, hoppy finish.

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The Grainstore Brewery Rutland Osprey comes in a 5 litre Mini Keg. This is a refreshing light golden brew with a complex and mellow flavour which is finely balanced with floral aromas and a smooth bitterness.

Rutland Osprey was first introduced as a collaboration between The Grainstore Brewery, The Wildlife Trust and Anglian Water. This was done at the same time as the introduction of the Osprey project.

Now in their 19th year, Rutland Water is home to the first Ospreys to breed in England for 150 years after a translocation programme.

Also available in bottles in store and online.


The Grainstore Brewery

The Grainstore Brewery was founded in 1955 by two friends, Tony Davis and Mike Davies. The two set to work to create an amazing product with a fantastic pub in the local town. Bottled and wholesale came later in the process.

With the years of experience that they both had, they've created unmistakeable products that you won't get anywhere else.

They brew a large variety of ales as well as a range of still and sparkling ciders.

Try this local brewery and you won't look back, we stock a range of ales for every taste buds. Smooth and dark to strong and bitter, The Grainstore Brewery have got you covered.

In addition, their ciders are perfect when served ice cold, pink lady for a hot day or a traditional cider will never hit you wrong.

Ingredients/ Allergens

Wheat & Barley.