The Meatless Farm Co 6 Meat Free Sausages (300g)


A wonderful vegan and gluten free alternative.

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The Meatless Farm Co 6 Meat Free Sausages, This new and improved sausage recipe is made using their signature mix of pea protein and the finest plant-based ingredients

Whether it’s a fry up for breakfast, a sizzling sausage roll for brunch, or a comforting bowl of bangers and mash, these plant-based sausages are perfect for every meal occasion.

Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians & Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Water, pea protein (19%), rapeseed oil, shea oil, Thickener: methyl cellulose, Seasoning: (Spices (white pepper, nutmeg, coriander), onion powder, sage, Antioxidant: ascorbic acid, sunflower oil), coconut oil, pea fibre, potato fibre, potato starch, rice protein, natural flavourings, salt, vegetable and fruit extracts (beetroot, radish, tomato) yeast extract, Acidity regulartor: ascorbic acid, caramelized carrot concentrate, sage, coriander, nutmeg, carrot concentrate.

Allergens: May Contain Soy.