Domaine La Provenquiere Pinot Gris Pays d’Oc (75cl)


Just as wonderful when simply enjoyed chilled on it’s own or with snacks.

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Domaine La Provenquiere Pinot Gris Pays d’Oc is an intensely fruity rose with a dry style. Using 100% Pinot Gris grapes for the signature flavour as well as underlying creaminess.

Combined with a delightful pale coral colour and coming in at 12.5% Vol, this bottle reflects the sunny French origins. With subtle flavours and peach and strawberry to help compliment delicate flavours.

On the nose there is a delightful bouquet of blackcurrants and also raspberry. This bottle has a dry finish combined with well rounded palate and a touch of acidity to end.

Paired perfectly with lighter dishes such as lean grilled fish and vegetarian dishes as well as appetizers.

Coming from Languedoc, France with a proud history dating back to the 15th century. Still remaining a family run business with the grandchildren of the current owner producing their wines from the estate. Paying attention to detail ensures these fresh, vibrant wines are packed full of a mass of fresh fruit flavour.