Don Gastronom Wild Boar with Mushroom Pâté (100g)


This Wild Boar with Mushroom Pâté produces an intense and suggestive flavour in the mouth.

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Don Gastronom Wild Boar with Mushroom Pâté is a high quality pâté.

This fabulous Don Gastronom Wild Boar With Mushroom Pâté is expertly blended with extra virgin olive oil and is deliciously creamy with a intense flavour.

Pairs well with fine toast, accompanied by some raisins or some dried tomatoes. Also goes well with full-bodied red wines.


Wild Boar, Wild Board Borth (Wild Boar, Water, Pork Liver, Wine, Spices), Pork Liver, Pork Bacon, Onion, Mushrooms, Olive Oil, Sherry Wine, Salt, Dehydrated Egg, Pea Fiber, Caseinate, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cornstarch, Spices, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Emulsifier E4501, E45111, E4521. Preservative: E200, E26211. Antioxidant: E301, E3311, E325.


Egg, Caseinate, Milk & Wheat.