Garofalo Pesto Alla Genovese (180g)
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Garofalo Pesto Alla Genovese (180g)


Sublime classic pesto, ideal for most dishes.

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Garofalo Pesto Alla Genovese  is a traditional basil pesto, which is creamy with a  vivid colour and rich in flavour. Perfect to add to pizza, chicken or pasta dishes for a wonderful added layer of flavour.

Suitable for those Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO (Milk, Salt, Rennet), Pine Nuts, Garlic, Salt, Acidity Regulator (Lactic Acid)

Allergens: Milk



Garofalo consists of a pasta company founded in 1789 in Gragnano, otherwise known as the home of pasta. The area has ideal conditions for drying pasta as well as the presence of spring water which feeds the mills.

At Gates Farm Shop, we sell a selection of traditional and gluten free alternatives. Furthermore, there is a range of fantastic pasta sauces and pesto's to finish off your meal.

This Italian pasta speaks for itself as a product with the highest quality. The companies dedication to excellence and the soaring contemporary standards is a fantastic addition.