Brew Tea Co Lemon & Ginger Loose Leaf Tea (113g)


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Brew Tea Co Lemon & Ginger Loose Leaf Tea is made from a warming mix of spice and citrus, this blend does exactly what it says on the box. A mixture of fiery flavours and super citrus. Herby, fiery & easily able to blow the cobwebs away. Brew Tea Co. use only whole, rolled leaves in their teas, creating a smoother, deeper, richer taste.

This Lemon & Ginger tea is as good in the winter as it is in the summer over ice, even with a cheeky splash of a little something.


Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea Co. is a company who specialise in all things tea. They source their products from farms they know, this ensures that the taste stays the same.

Additionally, they always use whole rolled leaves that're big and tasty. When these are kept in tact it preserves the flavour and helps keep it simple. Furthermore, these are picked by a real person, at just the right time for amazing tea.

At Gates Farm Shop we stock a selection of both their loose leaf and their bagged teas. With a large range of flavours and types, theres sure to be something for everyone. In addition, we stock their 1 person loose leaf tea pot, helping to give you fantastic tea at home without the hassle.

Whether it's strong and milky or a zingy iced tea, the whole leave will give you a smoother, deeper and richer taste.


Ginger (55%), Apple, Lemon Verbana, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Lemon Peel (3%), Natural Lemon Flavour (0.3%).