Sprigster Non Alcoholic Bittersweet Botanical Mash (70cl)


A delicious combination of botanicals for a superb alternative to a traditional gin and tonic.

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Sprigster Non Alcoholic Bittersweet Botanical Mash is a delightful aperitif for those who don’t drink alcohol. Created with ingredients from the garden which they have developed into this magical ‘mash’ as a deliciously dry alternative to a G & T.

A mash is typically a mixture of ingredients that are brought together, fermented and distilled. They have used many of the same processes to create this, but it has not been fermented or distilled. Instead, they allow the mash to gently infuse for three weeks so that the botanicals marry.

The result is a wild and natural ‘liquor’, best served over ice with good tonic as well as seasonal fruit and herbs for garnish. With its mulch of hops for dryness, rhubarb for tang, ginger for heat and fennel seed for a subtle hint of anise, this unique combination of botanicals gives Sprigster all the hedonistic qualities of booze. Now you can celebrate the urge to explore your wild roots and still get home safe and sound.


Pressed Apples, Botanical Mash (Vinegar, Water, Hops, Fennel Seeds, Rhubarb, Ginger)