Cold Press Survive & Thrive Super Smoothie (750ml)
Cold Press Survive & Thrive Super Smoothie (750ml)
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Cold Press Survive & Thrive Super Smoothie (750ml)


A delicious juice which is not only packed full of flavour, but goodness too.

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This moreish Cold Press Survive & Thrive Super Smoothie in an exotic vitamin-packed blend of premium fruit and veg with a cool, sweet taste. Apple, banana, kiwi and cucumber with a splash of mango and white grape juice combine to create a drink which is refreshingly fruity and simply delicious.

There are almost to many benefits to list with the blend of ingredients used, so instead let’s hone in on the kiwi fruits which pound for pound provide a higher quota of Vitamin C than even the mighty orange. Then there’s the cucumber which offers beta-carotene and magnesium in addition to enviable hydration, whilst white grapes are a reputable source of polyphenols and Vitamin K.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


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