Diablo No Added Sugar Butter Cookies (135g)


Devilishly good cookies that are 100% guilt free.

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Diablo No Added Sugar Butter Cookies consist of crumbly with a rich buttery taste, that will definitely crumble your regret.

These cookies are the healthier, guilt-free alternative to sugary biscuits. Proven to be very popular addition to no added sugar/sugar free confectionery. Whether you want to dunk them into your tea or coffee, or are just craving a little ‘not so naughty’ snack these cookies are a perfect choice, because they perfectly satisfy the desire for sweet. The composition is friendly to people on a diet. Maltitol contained in the composition is natural, which makes the product suitable for diabetics.

Diablo is a British company that was the first in the country to start producing sugar-free sweets. For many years, it has been improving its “sugar free” products so that they are tasty and less caloric.

Suitable for Vegetarians.



Diablo makes nice treats, minus the naughtiness as well as being 100% guilt free. They believe everyone should treat themselves every now and again. Additionally, this is why they created the UK's first low sugar confectionary range.

There is absolutely no added sugar but without compromising on the flavour.

These are great for those who are trying to eat less sugar due or have dietary requirements.

At Gates Farm Shop we stock a variety of their products including biscuits, sweets and chocolate.


Wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm fruit), butter, vegetable fat (palm fruit) sweetener, (maltitol), potato starch, skimmed milk, powder, pasteurized egg mass, maltitol syrup, salt.


Wheat, Milk & Eggs.

May contain nuts, soy, peanuts and sesame.