Dino Melon (Price Each)


Named due to the resemblance to a dinosaur egg.

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This interestingly named Dino Melon is a white honeydew-type of melon grown in Brazil by Agricola Famosa. The name is due to the green stripes or speckles which give this melon the appearance of a dinosaur egg. A premium melon which is a similar size to a small-medium gala or cantaloupe.

Underneath the surface, the flesh is white, crisp and dense. The cavity in the middle holds a handful of flat brown seeds which are easily removable by using a tablespoon to simply scoop them out.

This delicious fruit is aromatic with a sweet, subtly honeyed flavour which is followed with a slight hint of tartness. Use in place of your favourite melon in fruit salads, sweet dishes or simply enjoy by itself.