Hambleton Bakery Baguette


Freshly baked daily for a delicious taste of France.

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Hambleton Bakery Baguette is a French style bread using the sourdough process with fresh yeast.

The word ‘Baguette’ simply means wand or baton.

This baguette is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


Hambleton Bakery

Hambleton Bakery is a local bakery who make a lot of bread for producers and restaurants. In addition, they also sell to local farms, shops and out of their own store. Their bread is made from unadulterated flour, salt and water. All using traditional processes that made the bread that fed our ancestors. Furthermore, they also have a delectable range of sweet treats which will tantalise your taste buds. The savoury products are unmissable, we stock their cheese straws, olive bread and breakfast muffins as well as their fantastic bread.


Wheat Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt