Leigh’s Trio Of Honeys


This Leigh’s Trio Of Honeys are a perfect gift for anyone who loves honey.

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Leigh’s Trio Of Honeys are a trio of single apiary English honey.

Leigh’s Honeys bring you a superior, natural product, just as the bees made it. They keep each apiary’s nectar separate, rather than blending. Leigh’s believe that the bees know best. In this way their honeys retain their own unique tastes.

The Leigh’s Trio contains three jars of the finest honeys:

Borage Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging swathes of summer flowering blue Borage fields. It is renowned for its delicate flavour and pale in colour, is the lightest flavoured of Leigh’s Bees honeys.

Spring Honey is made by Leigh’s Bees foraging various spring blooms, trees including Hawthorn and the fields of Oilseed Rape which colour the countryside bright yellow early each season. It sets quickly and is favoured by those preferring a hard honey.

Sea Lavender Honey is foraged by Leigh’s Bees working from hives on the edge of the coastal salt marshes at various locations along the North Norfolk coast, when the marshes turn purple with Sea Lavender flowers in mid summer. It has a unique taste and is particularly delicious with cheese.

Suitable for Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.