Little’s Coffee Premium Ethiopian


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Little’s Coffee Premium Ethiopian is a super high quality Arabica coffee, infused with beans that originate from the birthplace of the coffee, the Djimma zone in western Ethiopia.

Expect a sweet coffee with a fruity and zesty character and a hint of chocolate on the finish. The perfect bright and exciting coffee to get you going in the morning. We recommend drinking this one black to experience its zesty character to full effect.

Simply add a teaspoon to your favourite mug, fill with water & enjoy.

Suitable for Vegans and those on a Gluten Free Diet.

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100g, 50g



Little's consists of an American style, flavoured coffee company which remains family run. Formed originally over 25 years ago by a husband and wife team. It all started by roasting their own coffee beans infused with flavour extracts from their favourite ingredients. They later evolved to suit busy peoples lifestyles so their instant coffee now steals the show. These coffee's are easy to make at home and packed full of a variety of different flavour combinations.


Freeze – dried Arabica coffee, flavourings.