Wolfy’s Creamy Porridge with Berry Pot (100g)

Wolfy’s Creamy Porridge with Berry Pot (100g)


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Wolfy’s Creamy Porridge with Berry Pot is completely natural with no artificial anything’s and also no added salt.

The creamier and the tastier the better. Made with rolled oats, whole milk and a delicious pot of jam, marmalade or syrup.

Suitable for Vegetarians.




Wolfy's consists of a food company who specialise in porridge and couscous.Born in Shroud in the heart of Cotswolds, Wolfy's is the brainchild of Kitchen Garden Foods. All porridges are vegetarians friendly with additional vegan options available.These are ideal for when you're on the go or in a rush for a quick and tasty as well as nutritious breakfast. Each pot has an additional pot of sweet spread under the lid. Quick and easy to make, all you need to do is simply add hot water and leave for 4 minutes.


Rolled Oats, Mixed Berry Jam (Cane Sugar, Blackcurrants, Strawberries and Raspberries), Whole Milk Powder, Cane Sugar.


Milk & Oats