Filotea Spaghetti alla Chitara (250g)


This Filotea Spaghetti alla Chitara is delicate and makes a delicious side dish.

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Filotea Spaghetti alla Chitara is an egg pasta format typical of Italian cuisine.

These glorious nests of Spaghetti alla Chitara are long pasta strands, that are a different shape, they are square spaghetti and are named for the stretched wire, like guitar strings, used to cut them. The spaghetti is made using an ancient recipe from Marche, Filotea pasta is made from the best eggs and flour (including durum wheat semolina. The pasta is dried very slowly at a low temperature, giving the pasta an authentic flavour. This patient, artisan preparation guarantees a unique product which is incredibly light and easy to digest, while its textured surface helps absorb sauces thus exhalting the flavour of all ingredients.

Suitable to accompany with simple sauces such as tomato and basil, dominating the taste on the palate.

Suitable for Vegetarians.



Durum wheat semolina, eggs (27%), wheat flour.


Eggs, gluten (wheat).

May Contain: Molluscs and Soya.