Leigh’s Bees Borage Honey (454g)


This Leigh’s Bees Borage Honey has a beautiful pale colour that complements its delicate flavour.

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Leigh’s Bees Borage Honey brings a taste of sunshine and summer.

This Borage Honey is gathered by Leigh’s Bees foraging swathes of summer flowering blue Borage fields. It is renowned for its delicate flavour and pale in colour, Its the lightest flavoured of Leigh’s Bees honeys. The honey is unprocessed apart from coarse straining to remove impurities and gentle warming to allow bottling.

The bees and our bodies love this beautiful starflower plant. In medieval times, Borage was supposedly infused in the drinks of Crusaders to increase their courage, so a teaspoon of this in your morning tea may do wonders for you.

Perfect on breakfast cereal, on toast, used in cooking recipes or home remedies.

Suitable for Vegetarians and those on a Gluten Free diet.