Liguori Fusilli Lunghi Bucati Pasta (500g)


This Liguori Fusilli Lunghi Bucati Pasta is ideal for holding both thick and thin sauces.

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Liguori Fusilli Lunghi Bucati Pasta is an Italian pasta shaped like curly spirals or little springs.

This Fusilli Lunghi Bucati Pasta is made with 100% superior quality durum wheat semolina that is high in protein and results in an al dente cooked pasta texture and originates from Campania. In ancient times, Fusilli were made by hand following a method handed down from mother to daughter: it was a question of twisting a spaghetti around a knitting needle with a very rapid gesture and expert hands. The ability demonstrated in this procedure is very reminiscent of the spinners and in fact the term “fusillo” derives from “fused”, the typical tool of spinners. The classic spiral shape lets sauces creep between the curves and the hole actually enables the sauce to get a bit into the pasta making every mouthful yummy.

The pasta is versatile and can be baked, used in pasta salads or served with vegetable, fish or quite heavy sauces such as Bolognese or other meat sauces.

Suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians.


Durum wheat.